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Message from the conference chair

The substantial increase in the consumption of medical drugs in many countries has, with the internationalization of the discussion, provoked a great deal of soul searching in governments, which must not only regulate the increase but simultaneously manage health risks and the paradoxes that stem from the many and varied uses of drugs. The economic and social stakes are high, and research is primarily concerned with the resultant challenges, as government increasingly turns to research for solutions and practical contributions. To meet these demands, research communities are encouraged to transcend the boundaries of their original discipline, an aim they can better achieve through interdisciplinary exchanges. More and more, they have to develop programs that bring into play the complexity of the Parmaceutical Life Cycle from development through consumption and move from a situation in which disciplines coexist to one in which they are interlinked, thus opening up new approaches to the many problems civil society has to deal with.

The 1st International Conference on Pharmaceutical Drugs, Development, Production and Consumption: Interdisciplinary Perspectives for a Common Future brought together over 300 participants in Montreal in 2005 and enabled medication-cycle researchers from the fields of management, biology and the clinical and social sciences to enter into a dialogue that bridged cleavages between disciplines. The Second Conference on the Parmaceutical Life Cycle: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Diversity and Complexity is furthering this goal of exchange and integration by developing a structure for ongoing communication that will intensify collaboration and international exchanges.

The theme of the Parmaceutical Life Cycle will be broached under three headings: the many bodies of knowledge involved; diversity and risk in drug issues; and the multiplicity of uses of drugs. The conference will thus provide an opportunity for research groups to present the results of their work and the collaborations they have established before hundreds of delegates who understand the value of interdisciplinary perspectives in dealing with the complexity of the Parmaceutical Life Cycle on both the research and intervention levels. The presentations of the findings will also give rise to discussions and exchanges with the members of practice communities (nurses, jurists, physicians, pharmacists, etc.) and consumers’ associations in terms of their work, their questions and their plans of action.

The organizers of this second international conference are pleased to welcome professionals and researchers and wish them fruitful deliberations. Indeed, these have already begun with the preparations for the event. Discussions should also continue beyond the conference in a permanent international organization established to orchestrate exchanges, meetings and the circulation of knowledge on a regular basis. The organizing team of the Second International Conference on the Parmaceutical Life Cycle: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Diversity and Complexity look forward to welcoming you to Montreal in October 2007.

Catherine Garnier

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