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Conference Overview

After the success of the September 2005 First International Conference on Pharmaceutical Drugs, “Development, Production and Consumption: Interdisciplinary Perspectives for a Common Future,” we are proud to present the Second International Conference on the Parmaceutical Life Cycle, “Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Diversity and Complexity,” which takes place October 14 through 17, 2007, at the Mount Royal Centre in Montreal.

The event will bring together several hundred delegates—researchers, professionals and management from healthcare systems and research networks in many countries. The conference will also receive significant international exposure thanks to the participation of such prestigious institutions as the University of Oldenburg in Germany; the Universities of Bordeaux, Toulouse, Lyon, Paris, and Caen in France; the University of Geneva in Switzerland; Florida International University and New York University in the United States, as well as universities in Quebec and elsewhere in Canada.

Conference Goals

This meeting represents a unique opportunity to:

Conference Themes

The four days of the conference will centre on three major themes:

Because of its interdisciplinary nature and with more than ten plenary lectures, twenty symposia, and over one hundred free papers and round tables, the Second International Conference on the Parmaceutical Life Cycle, like the first, promises to be a unique event and an opportunity to foster exchanges of knowledge.

Who should attend ?

Call for Papers

If you would like to present a proposal, you will find all the relevant information on our Web site.

Simultaneous Interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation services will be provided throughout the conference for all plenary lectures as well as for many symposia and round tables.


A special evening is planned for delegates to socialize in a relaxed atmosphere.


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